9:00 AM

Location: Four Seasons Foyer & Market Place in Veranda B


Location: Veranda A Ballroom

9:00 AM -
9:45 AM

Salesforce: Getting Leadership Buy-in on Sales Enablement


Karen Hennessy Senior Director, Product Enablement, Salesforce.com
Jared Litwin Senior Director, Enablement - Americas, Salesforce.com
Beth Kaplan Senior Director, Global Sales Onboarding & Strategic Enablement, Salesforce.com
Todd Wickens Sr Manager, Product Readiness, Salesforce.com
Alicia Leach Director of Sales Enablement, Salesforce.com
Lorrie Bates Director Global Solution Engineering Enablement, Salesforce.com

10:00 AM -
10:45 AM

Accelerating Sales Performance Through Agile Management


Sharon Little Director of Sales Enablement, Rubrik
Marcela Piñeros Director of New Hiring Training, New Relic
Emily Garza Account Management & Customer Success Leader, Fastly
Brian Trautschold Co-Founder, Ambition
Chanin Ballance CEO & Founder, Veelo

11:00 AM -
11:45 AM

Applying the Art in Artificial Intelligence for Sales


Dr. Howard Dover Professor, UT Dallas
Nipul Chokshi Vice President, Product Marketing, Lattice Engines
Patrick Welch President, Bigtincan
Falon Fatemi Founder, Node.io


11:45 AM - 1:00 PM

Location: Market Place in Veranda B

12:00 PM -
12:45 PM

Keynote: Defining Success in Sales Enablement

Speaker: Peter Ostrow Research Director, SiriusDecisions

1:00 PM -
1:45 PM

The Digital Transformation of Sales



Nancy Nardin Sales Technology Stack Expert & Founder, Smart Selling Tools
Lee Shepard Sales Leader, TOPO
Katie Doyle Vice President of Marketing, Outreach
Carson Conant CEO & Founder, MediaFly
David Kerr CEO, Octiv

2:00 PM -
2:45 PM


Modern Coaching & Training at Scale


John Barrows Owner,  JBarrows Sales Training LLC
Amanda Breckenridge Global Director of Sales Readiness, Talent Solutions, LinkedIn
Julie Newhouse Sales Training & Enablement Manager, Lyft
Vishal Shah CEO & Co-Founder, LearnCore
Amit Bendov CEO & Co-Founder, Gong

3:00 PM -
3:45 PM

Revenue Enablement for the Entire GTM Team


Matt Heinz Founder, Heinz Marketing
Karishma Patel Knowledge Management, Twitter
Jen Spencer Vice President of Sales & Marketing, SmartBug Media
Scott Salkin Founder, Allbound
Haley Katsman Vice President, Account Development, Highspot


Location: Market Place Solution Theater in Veranda B

9:30 AM -
9:50 AM

Best Practices for Sales Leaderboards

Speaker: Brian Trautschold Co-Founder, Ambition

10:00 AM -
10:20 AM

Conversation Intelligence for Sales

Speaker: Amit Bendov CEO & Co-Founder, Gong

10:30 AM -
10:50 AM

Want Self-Driving Sales Reps? Adjust Your Sales Enablement Approach

Speaker: David Keane CEO & Co-Founder, Bigtincan

11:00 AM -
11:20 AM

How Brands Transition to Evolved Selling with MediaFly

Speaker: Zoë Beh Director, CBR Healthcare Marketing at AMAG Pharmaceuticals

11:30 AM -
11:50 AM

Modern Sales Training for Core Learning Capabilities 

Speaker: Patrick Rodgers Vice President, Sales, LearnCore

1:00 PM -
1:20 PM

Delivering Content, Coaching and Training in the Moment

Speaker: Brian Fravel Vice President, Marketing, Veelo

1:30 PM -
1:50 PM

Use Data Intelligence To Plan For 2018

Speaker: Greg McBeth Head of Revenue, Node.io

2:00 PM -
2:20 PM

Improving Partner Enablement with a Modern Portal 

Speaker: Greg Reffner Director of Sales, Allbound

2:30 PM -
2:50 PM

Bridging Sales & Marketing Through Sales Plays

Speaker: Haley Katsman Vice President, Account Development, Highspot

3:00 PM - 
3:20 PM

Accelerate the Buyers Journey with Digital Document Generation

Speaker: David Kerr CEO, Octiv


3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Location: Outdoor Terrace